Happy Halloween everybody! It's October now so I thought that I would make this Jack-o-lantern.


  1. Create two spheres one slightly smaller than the other.
  2. Align them using "Alt+A".
  3. Select the larger sphere then on the "command panel" of the "create" tab, select "compound objects"
  4. Select the "Boolean" button then "Add Operands"
  5. Zoom into the larger sphere to select the smaller sphere.
  6. Change the smaller spher into a subtract.
  7. Convert the sphere into an Editable Poly by right-clicking it, then pressing "convert to"
  8. Select every fourth vertical edge (double click to select the whole line)
  9. Use the "select and uniform scale" tool to bring those edges in slightly.
  10. Select the whole pumpkin and bring the Z-axis down slightly.
  11. Create any face you want then use boolean to subtract it. (Make sure the face is deep to get to the opening when you boolean)
  12. Create a cylinder with 32 sides, 2 cap segments, and 15 height segments then repeat steps 7-9 for the cylinder.
  13. Place at the top of the pumpkin.
  14. (Optional) Go to the Modify tab and select he modifier "Bend" then change the angle to whatever you want.
  15. (Optianal) Add a candle on the inside of the pumpkin.